Green Iguana: an Arboreal Giant

A green iguana already impresses with its imposing size and its rustic, aesthetic appearance.

The Green Iguana: Origin, Appearance, and Behavior

The natural habitats of the green iguana are in northern South America and Central America; the lizards are also common as an entozoon in southern US states.

If you take a closer look, the iguana is hardly green: the animals tend to have a bluish-greenish-greyish color. In males, there is often an orange-brownish character. With their “prickly” back crest, pronounced throat dewlap, and long tail, green iguanas are visually reminiscent of “dragons”.

Green iguanas are diurnal, loyal to their location, and ward off rivals by using their tail as a whip.

How Big Does a Green Iguana Get?

Iguanas are usually sold as young. Uninformed terrarium keepers are therefore surprised at how much a green iguana can gain in size. Adult animals (including tails) reach a length of two meters and a weight of around eleven kilograms. For comparison: this corresponds to that of a small dog.

A green iguana is fully grown at around six years of age, but that does not mean that it cannot continue to grow in size. However, from this age on, growth is greatly slowed down and steadily declining.

How Can a Green Iguana Live in the Terrarium?

The green iguana is not suitable for private terrarium keeping due to its size alone. These animals should be reserved for special facilities that can ensure a species-appropriate environment.

What is the Age of a Green Iguana?

With good care and health, a green iguana has a life expectancy of around 15 to 17 years; however, specimens are also known to have reached the proud age of 25 years and beyond.

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