Gorilla: What You Should Know

Gorillas are the largest and strongest apes. They belong to mammals and are the closest relatives of humans. In nature, they live only in the middle of Africa, roughly in the same area as the chimpanzees.

When male gorillas stand up, they are about the same height as an adult human, namely 175 centimeters. They are also often much heavier than humans. Male animals can weigh up to 200 kilograms. Female gorillas weigh about half as much.

Gorillas are endangered. Humans are clearing more and more jungles and planting plantations there. Where civil war is raging, protecting gorillas is also difficult. Humans are also increasingly hunting gorillas to eat their meat. Researchers, poachers, and tourists are infecting more and more gorillas with diseases such as Ebola. This can cost the gorillas their lives.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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