German Spitz: Dog Breed Facts and Information

Country of origin: Germany
Shoulder height: 42 – 50 cm
Weight: 16 – 20 kg
Age: 12 – 14 years
Color: black, brown, white
Use: companion dog, guard dog

The German Spitz is an intelligent, alert, and lively dog ​​with a strong personality. He is loyal and loving toward his family, it is suspicious of strangers. This characteristic, their loyalty to its territory, and their willingness to bark make him the ideal watchdog for larger estates and farms.

Origin and history

The German Spitz is said to have descended from the Stone Age peat dog and is one of the oldest dog breeds in Central Europe. Numerous other dog breeds have emerged from them. With the German Spitz, a distinction is made between Wolfsspitz, Grobspitz, Mittelspitz or Kleinspitz, and Pomeranian. The German Great Spitz was the typical court guard for centuries. Because of their elegant appearance, the white Great Spitz was also popular with the European aristocracy and high society. In the meantime, the Grobspitz has become very rare and is one of the endangered breeds of domestic animals.


The lace is characterized by its special, double fur. The long, straight topcoat looks very bushy due to the thick, fluffy undercoat and sticks out from the body. The thick, mane-like fur collar and the bushy tail that rolls over the back are particularly striking. The fox-like head with the quick eyes and the pointy little close-set ears give the Spitz its characteristic appearance.

With a shoulder height of up to 50 cm, the Grobspitz is the second largest representative of the German Spitz after the Wolfsspitz. It is bred in the colors black, white and brown.


The Grobspitz is an outspoken family and guard dog. It was bred to bond closely with humans and their habitat. Accordingly, they are very human-related and always ready for cuddles. They tend to be wary of strangers, so they make good watchdogs too.

The Grobspitz is always attentive, lively, and docile. However, he needs a loving and consistent upbringing and clear leadership. Even if he is extremely attached to his caregivers, he will always retain his strong personality and never completely subordinate himself. It is very loyal to its territory, does not stray or poach around, and is therefore also a reliable guardian of the house and yard.

When it can do its duty as a guard dog on a larger property or yard, it doesn’t require too much activity. However, he likes to go for walks and needs to be outdoors. It is therefore not suitable for an apartment or city dog.

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