German Pinscher: Dog Breed Facts and Information

Country of origin: Germany
Shoulder height: 45 – 50 cm
Weight: 14 – 20 kg
Age: 12 – 14 years
Color: black-red, red
Use: companion dog, guard dog

The German Pinscher represents a very old German dog breed that has become relatively rare today. Due to its compact size and short hair, the German Pinscher is a very pleasant family, guard, and companion dog. Due to his temperamental nature, he is also an ideal sports companion and a good leisure partner, who is also easy to keep in an apartment.

Origin and history

Little is known about the exact origin of the German Pinscher. There has long been a debate as to whether pinschers and schnauzers are descended from English terriers or vice versa. Pinschers were often used as guard dogs and pied pipers in stables and on farms. This is where nicknames like “Stallpinscher” or “Rattler” come from.

In 2003, the German Pinscher was declared an endangered breed of the domestic animal along with the Spitz.


The German Pinscher is a medium-sized dog with a compact, square build. Its fur is short, dense, smooth, and shiny. The coat color is usually black with red markings. It is somewhat rarer in one color red-brown. The folding ears are V-shaped and set high and today – like the tail – may no longer be docked.

The ears of Pinschers are only thinly covered with fur, and the ear rims are very thin. As a result, the dog can quickly injure itself on the edge of the ear.


Lively and confident, the German Pinscher is territorial and alert while being good-natured. It has a strong personality and is therefore not very willing to submit. At the same time, he is very clever and, with a bit of consistent training, a very pleasant and uncomplicated family companion dog. With enough exercise and occupation, it is also good for keeping in an apartment. The short coat is easy to care for and sheds only moderately.

The German Pinscher is alert, but not a barker. Its desire to hunt is individual. In its territory, he is rather calm and balanced, but outside it is spirited, persistent, and playful. Therefore, it is also enthusiastic about many dog ​​sports activities, although it is not necessarily easy to handle and may be too idiosyncratic for the performance competition.

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