Large Munsterlander: Breed Information

Country of origin: Germany
Shoulder height: 58 – 65 cm
Weight: approx. 30 kg
Age: approx. 12 years
Colour: white with black patches and spots, black mold
Use: hunting dog

The Large Munsterlander belongs to the group of pointing dogs and is a versatile hunting dog. According to his inclination, he should also be kept and guided as a hunting dog. An existence as a pure family companion dog, with which he cannot live out his passion for hunting, will not sufficiently utilize the Munsterlander.

Origin and history

The Large Munsterlander is a descendant of the medieval long-haired bird dogs. These were used as pointing dogs when hunting game birds. Originally, the Large Munsterlander was just a color variant of the German Longhaired Pointer. When the black and white specimens were excluded from the German Longhaired Pointer breed, lovers continued to breed this color variant as a separate breed under the name Large Munsterlander Pointers.


The Large Munsterlander Pointer has an overall strong and muscular physique. According to the breed standard, the dog’s weight should be around 30 kg. However, there are also breeds of around 20 kg or up to 40 kg.

The dog’s coat is long and thick, but is plain, not curly or sparse, and is white with black plates and spots, or road black. Brown-white coloring is also rare, but these specimens are excluded from further breeding. The simple long hair is easy to care for.

The Large Munsterlander’s head is black, occasionally with a white patch on the forehead or bridge of the nose. Its ears are broad, set fairly high, with a rounded tip, and well laid.


The Large Munsterlander is a versatile hunting dog. It is docile, docile and lively. The robust Munsterlander, which can be used in any weather, was always kept by the farmers as a watchdog and family dog. Therefore, it also forms a close bond with its people and is affectionate.

With a corresponding workload, it is also a pleasant housemate. However, he should be trained and guided in hunting. As a pure family companion, the Large Munsterlander is soon under-challenged and will live out his hunting passion elsewhere.

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