Find the Right Riding Helmet: You Should Pay Attention to That

So that you can safely experience riding with your horse in the hall, on the jumping arena, or in nature, you need the right equipment. A very decisive – if not the most important – the point is the riding helmet. This should protect your head and avoid possible damage in the event of a fall. You can find out here how you can find the right riding helmet for you and what you should pay attention to.

Is Cheap Also Unsafe?

You can find riding helmets for really little money. It doesn’t have to be a riding helmet for $300.00. You can already buy a riding helmet for less than $ 100.00. Since there are certain requirements for the respective products in Germany, riding helmets must also pass criteria and, above all, safety tests. So it is important that they are marked with the test standard EN 1384 and the year after it or with VG1. Some riding helmets have other seals of approval such as GS or TÜV. These signs can help you to recognize whether or not the helmet has passed these safety tests and also the other evaluation criteria. This can be both cheap and expensive riding helmet variants.

Can You Buy a Used Riding Helmet for Yourself – Yes or No?

Even if you might be tempted by the price of a used riding helmet, you shouldn’t save in the wrong place. With a used helmet, you don’t know-how and, above all, how long the riding helmet was stored. And the older the helmet, the more likely it is that the material is tired. Incorrect storage may even cause the material to become soft and no longer protect you. Often you cannot tell whether the riding helmet has already had an accident. This represents a safety risk for the head if an impact or the like has already taken place. This can cause very small cracks that you may not even be able to see. If you then have an accident, your used riding helmet can break and thus no longer offer you any safety. But development does not stand still either. Perhaps there are even improvements in comfort and, above all, in workmanship with more recent models. But a new model should also be replaced after 5 years at the latest – the material may then no longer be safe.

The Size of the Riding Helmet and How to Measure the Size

The sizes of the riding helmet are mostly offered in XS to S and M to L or simply from S to L. It is about the “from” “to” circumference of the head. The length is given in cm. That said, size S could go from 50 to 56 cm, for example. Size M from 57cm to 59 cm etc. That depends on the manufacturer. The easiest way to measure the length is with a tape measure. To do this, take a tape measure and measure the circumference of the largest part of the head. It is helpful if a second person supports you and reads off the exact number. If the measuring tape shows a number in between, it is better to use the larger size of the riding helmet. It is important for you that the riding helmet fits well. Because if it is too small and sits too tightly on the head, the heat can no longer escape and headaches or even difficulty concentrating can occur. If it is much too big and if possible wobbles when moving the head, safety is of course no longer guaranteed.

You Also Have to Like the Fit and Fit Your Head

There are many different riding helmets and manufacturers. From velvet cover as the upper material to the color pink or decorated with rhinestones. There are hardly any limits to your own ideas. You have to decide for yourself, in addition to the look, whether the helmet is comfortable for you. On the one hand, weight plays a role. The lighter a riding helmet, the more comfortable it is, of course, and the load on your neck is lower than with a higher weight. Since the helmets are constantly being developed, a lighter riding helmet is not necessarily less safe. In addition to the adjustment straps on the side and on the chin, many riding helmets also have a small rotary knob integrated at the back so that you can also adjust the size. This means that a headband is enclosed in the helmet itself, which you can make larger or smaller using the rotary knob. If your riding helmet still has a good ventilation system, the helmet won’t stick to your head as quickly when you sweat. This means that the heat cannot accumulate under the riding helmet, but can also be released to the outside.

A Little Summary for You

  • You can also look for cheap riding helmets, as long as there is a test seal;
  • The best thing to do is to steer clear of used riding helmets and invest in a new one;
  • You can measure the size and of course, try on a helmet;
  • Worry about the weight;
  • The adjustment straps on the side and on the chin must be easy for you to use and a rotary knob can also help you adjust the size;
  • The optics are of course also a point. The better you feel with your riding helmet, the more carefree you can wear it;
  • A good ventilation system will help you not to sweat so much under the helmet.

If you think about all the points in peace, you will surely find the right riding helmet for you. Good luck with your search and of course have fun riding.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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