Donkey: What You Should Know

The donkey belongs to the horse family and is therefore a mammal. There are different types in nature. The most common species is the domestic donkey. He was bred from the African donkey.

Donkeys are gray or brown to black. They have very large, long ears and a light-colored snout. They grow 90 to 160 centimeters high. This height is measured at the back. The neck and head protrude even further. Donkeys have hooves that allow them to walk well on dry and stony ground.

Donkeys are very frugal animals. They can go a long time without drinking water. When it comes to food, they are far less picky than cows: they also eat dry and tough plants, sometimes even with thorns. Your tongue can take it.

Humans have been using donkeys as working animals for 5,000 years. They are very strong and can carry heavy things well. If a horse is afraid of something, it will run away. A donkey, on the other hand, remains motionless in one place. Hence some call him stubborn.

A male donkey is called a donkey stallion. The female is the donkey mare. Her pregnancy lasts almost exactly one year. That’s a lot longer than it is for us humans. Most of the time she only gives birth to a single donkey foal. Twins are rare. After birth, the foal drinks milk from its mother. Many people also like donkey milk.

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Written by Mary Allen

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