Dog Diarrhea – What To Do?

Dogs sometimes suffer from diarrhea too. The causes can be different. There could be an infection, but the ingestion of the poison, parasites, hypothermia, poor nutrition, and diseases of the pancreas, kidneys, or liver can also trigger diarrhea.

If diarrhea lasts longer than a day, a veterinarian should be consulted. Especially when it comes to puppies because the young animals have nothing to counteract such an illness, are quickly weakened and the danger of dehydration is high.

If your dog has diarrhea, it should be put on a consistent 24-hour diet. During this time, the animal should not be given anything to eat, but water or chamomile tea should be available. This zero diet is therefore important so that the dog’s intestines can recover and calm down. Each administration of food would lead to renewed irritation.

Of course, you shouldn’t go straight back to everyday life after the fasting cure. Dogs also need a few days to recover after a gastrointestinal illness and get used to normal food again. Feed several small portions daily – easily digestible foods such as rice or mashed potatoes mixed with lean chicken or beef meat and cottage cheese for at least three days until the stool consistency improves. Stick to this food during this time as well. Changing the diet food would put additional strain on the intestines. If the stool consistency is normal again, more and more of the usual food can be added continuously over several days until the normal amount of food is tolerated again without a relapse occurring.

This is only to be seen as a first aid measure and in no way replaces a visit to the veterinarian. Only the veterinarian can determine the trigger of the disease using a blood test and stool sample and, if necessary, initiate drug treatment accordingly.

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