Behavioral Problems of Dogs

There are situations in a dog’s life that can cause profound behavioral changesFor example, many dogs suffer from separation anxiety. It is the most common form of anxiety disorder. Dogs are group animals and therefore naturally do not like being alone. However, they should be able to endure it without their master or mistress for a reasonable amount of time. Tattered objects or urine spilled in the apartment are therefore alarm signals. Was the dog just left to its own devices for too long, did the pillow die out of boredom? Or is he fundamentally unable to be alone for even a few minutes? In the second case, the dog may need the professional help of a canine therapist.

Moving to a new apartment, a new family member, or traveling as well as staying in an animal boarding house can also lead to behavioral problems. Aggressive behavioral disorders usually arise when the balance of power within the pack “family” has not been clarified.

Stressed or anxious dogs can also engage in seemingly pointless behavior patterns. If they bite random objects, even attack themselves or bark non-stop for no apparent reason, there is a need for action.

Loss of appetite, sleep disorders, excessive cleaning behavior, panting and salivating as well as a reduced urge to play are also serious behavioral disorders that can even lead to massive organ diseases in the long run.

In each of these cases, the dog needs help. Time and patience as well as intensive behavioral training are the best medicine. If necessary, the veterinarian can support the healing process with special products.

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