Do Dogs Need To Wear Winter Clothing When It’s Cold?

The cold wave now completely controls most of the world. In the case of minus double digits, clothing is the only thing that can help. But does this also apply to our four-legged friends? Will the dogs have to protect themselves from the cold in winter clothes, or is a coat enough? That’s the answer!

Depending on how your dog’s fur is made and how sensitive it is, your four-legged friend may survive short winter walks with or without clothes. Because while they actually always have fur in the form of fur, some dogs are simply more susceptible to cold than others.

Is your dog healthy and has a thick coat? Then it shouldn’t be a problem for him to walk with you in winter. The veterinarian explains this to the British veterinary charity. However, in winter, no dog should be left outside for a long time without access to warmth.

For Some Dogs, Winter Clothing Makes Sense

However, if your dog has a very fine coat, is still very young, underweight, old, or sick, clothing is usually a good idea for the dog. These dogs need winter clothing because they feel the cold much faster than their brethren. This applies, for example, to Greyhounds.

However, other breeds – such as Huskies and Malamutes – can literally bloom in the cold. They are accustomed to the cold and can enjoy winter walks even more than summer ones. However, make sure your winter-loving dog can withstand the cold right now. If not: let’s go home! Healthy dogs generally don’t need winter clothing for walking. But: “For old or sick animals, short-haired breeds and without undercoat, in exceptional cases, clothes may be useful.”


But it is important to take a close look when buying. For example, if you want to knit a wool or cotton jacket for your dog, it is no good. Because these materials are not water-repellent and therefore not suitable for snow, rain, and cold weather.

Find the Right Winter Clothing for Your Dog

Good dog clothing should be made of lightweight, skin-friendly, and breathable material. In addition, it should not chafe or squeeze any part of the body, or limit freedom of movement too much. A good fit is important. Because winter clothes that are too loose are also not suitable for dogs: they cannot get enough warmth or the dog runs the risk of catching on objects or bushes.

If your dog licks, bites or scratches his winter clothes, it means that he is not sitting properly and is bothering him.

Is your dog shaking? This is clearly a sign that it is cold. In this case, you should warm up your four-legged friend as soon as possible – regardless of whether it is wearing winter clothes or not.

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