Dandelion: What You Should Know

Dandelion is a wild plant that grows almost everywhere in the world. There are several species that differ in the shape of the leaves, flowers, and stems. The common dandelion, also known as buttercup or dandelion, is the most common in our country.

It grows about 10 to 30 centimeters high and has strong roots. It goes up to a meter deep into the ground. The leaves are elongated and jagged, you can eat them in a salad. They also like rabbits and guinea pigs. The stalks of the flowers contain a type of milk that tastes bitter and causes dark spots on the skin.

Dandelion flowers mainly in spring, from March to May, but also in summer. The flowers are bright yellow, which is why they are sometimes called buttercups. Each flower is actually made up of many small flowers. Each little flower grows into a seed with a little plume so the wind can carry it away. All the plumes of a large flower together form a white ball. If you blow on them, they fly away – hence the name dandelion.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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