Daisies: What You Should Know

Daisies are one of the most common flowers in our country. In nature, they are mostly found in meadows or at the edge of the forest. Marguerites prefer to grow where it is particularly sunny. You can also plant them in a semi-shade, for example in a pot on the balcony. A lot of people do that here because they think it’s pretty.

The daisies start growing in spring. They will then grow until the end of autumn when the first frost comes. Marguerites have long stems. Its leaves are jagged and can be many different colors. White daisies are the most common. The flowers are four to six centimeters in diameter. They smell strong. That’s why they attract a lot of bees.

Marguerites are considered robust and undemanding. You can plant them on many different substrates. They are therefore found in all sorts of places in the world, even high up in the Alps or in the desert.

There are over 40 species of daisies in total. Some of these species have arisen in nature, and others have been bred by humans. The name marguerite actually comes from Greek. Their “margarita” means something like a pearl. The name found its way into German via the French language.

The daisy looks very similar to the marguerite but is slightly smaller. It is not counted among the daisies. Nevertheless, it is called “Margerittli” in the Swiss dialect, so to speak, the little marguerite. The maiden name Margarethe, which is available in many different language versions, also comes from marguerite.

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