Cheeky Budgies: Great Pets for Kids

Budgies are great pets for older children ages ten and up. They become tame, they are curious, happy, and explorers and they are smart. Children enjoy watching and playing with their parakeets. In order for it to become a true friendship that benefits both children and birds, there are a few important rules that should be followed.

Children Love Budgies

With a little patience and a few goodies, Wellis can become very trusting. They flap on the children’s hands and pick up small tidbits there. This is a great and important experience for children. In addition, children have a lot of fun watching budgies play and free flight. If you provide your Wellis with a new toy, for example, one with a bell, you can watch the lively birds’ urge to discover. That is fun! Children usually have a lot of fun teaching the lively mini parrots little tricks or encouraging them to speak.

Parents Should Supervise Children and Budgies

Budgies also offer important learning experiences for children. Children have to learn that the birds do not want to be touched all the time and do not want to play all the time. Therefore, the parents should always be there when the offspring comes into contact with the animals so that they can intervene if necessary. Tears are inevitable when the budgie uses its powerful beak when it gets too much – this must be prevented in advance. In this way, children learn to observe the little free-flight artists closely and to recognize and respect their needs.

Children Have to Learn to Take Responsibility for Budgies

In addition, parents have to convey to the children that keeping a pet also means taking responsibility. Budgies regularly need food, care, attention, and free flight. And even if it’s less fun, the cage has to be cleaned regularly: This work is also part of it and can be done by the child, initially under the guidance of an adult.

The best thing to do with your children is to make a list of what tasks need to be completed when and who will do them. The child has to learn: only when the Wellis are well looked after are they all-round well and they have fun playing and living together!

Checklist: for a wonderful friendship between a child and a budgie:

  • Children have to learn that budgies don’t play all the time and certainly don’t want to cuddle all the time.
  • Parents should be there when the children deal with the budgies so that they can intervene if necessary.
  • Keeping pets also means taking on regular tasks such as feeding and cleaning the cage.
  • Even if the children are busy with the Wellis: never keep an animal alone! Budgies must always be at least two as flocking birds!
  • Instruct children to be particularly careful when the parakeets fly free: Windows and doors must remain closed!
  • Persistent treats are harmful to animals. Even if love goes through the stomach: Parents have to be careful that the children don’t feed the Wellis all the time.
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