A New Member for the Budgie Swarm

A lonely budgie is a sad budgie. He can even get sick from grief. For the flock of birds, conspecifics are very important. A Welli whose partner has died needs a feathered friend in the cage again. You can also socialize new budgies in a swarm. If you pay attention to a few basic things, the merging will also work.

A New Budgie Partner Moves In

Regardless of whether you want to enlarge your flock or add a new partner to your lonely Welli: choose the new bird carefully. It should be age-appropriate for the group or your individual budgie. That means: better not a young animal compared to older birds. You can, for example, look around the animal shelter for an older partner or take a bird from private that is given away due to the circumstances. An older Welli usually finds a young animal uninteresting, cannot correctly assess its gender, and will sometimes even react to its lively behavior with stressful behavior. Before you integrate a new animal into a group or give it to a new partner, it makes sense to temporarily quarantine it in order to avoid any possible infection.

Budgie Males Get Along Particularly Well

Who is now suitable for whom? You can socialize males and males well. These usually get along very well, even in a group. It is different with females and females. Two or more Welli ladies may come to terms with each other out of necessity – but in the rarest of cases, it becomes a great love, at most a community of convenience.

A Pair of Budgies Also Go Well Together

Animals of different sexes still get along best. A couple goes well together and usually gets used to each other quickly. And don’t be afraid of unwanted offspring: Females usually only lay eggs when they have a nesting facility. Never offer them to them in the cage or in the free-flight room (watch out for “hidden” breeding opportunities such as sofa cushions!)!

Should they still lay eggs, you can have the eggs sterilized or, even better, replace them with artificial eggs from specialist shops. You shouldn’t take the clutch away from your females – otherwise, they would lay eggs again and again until they were completely exhausted. By the way: Even if your Wellis perform the sexual act, this does not necessarily mean that the female lays eggs.

The Gathering of Budgies

It’s best to put the two cages next to each other at the beginning so that the birds can get to know each other without stress. If they contact each other, you can give them a free flight together. If both animals voluntarily climb into one of the cages after a while (sometimes after a few days), they can officially contract and the second cage can be put away.

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