Cereal: What You Should Know

Cereals are called certain plants. Rice, wheat, and corn are the most widespread today. Cereals also include rye, barley, oats, and millet. Spelled is a subspecies of wheat.

All cereals are sweet grasses and have long stalks with long leaves. Otherwise, however, they sometimes look so different that one does not believe that they are related to each other. They originally come from different parts of the world.

Grains are interesting to people because of the grains, which are the seeds. Even cereal grains from nature can be eaten. However, as early as the Stone Age, people began storing grains over the winter and sowing them again in the spring. In addition, they have always used the largest or the healthiest grains for sowing. This is called breeding or breeding.

After harvesting, the cereal grains are freed from the stalks and then ground. For example, you can use flour to bake bread, but you can also make other things: pasta, breakfast cereals, cooking oil, drinks with alcohol, and more. Certain grains are used to feed animals. You can use their milk or eat their meat.

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