Cat Training Tips: Help With Flavorings

Your velvet paw does what it wants and you have almost given up on cat training? Tip: It might work with flavorings and a few other little tricks.

They stand in the middle of the kitchen table and make themselves comfortable on the freshly washed pillow: cats are stubborn and don’t like to listen to people. But if the living together between house tiger and two-legged friend is to work permanently, there have to be a few rules. Flavorings may help with cat training.

Flavorings – For Stubborn Cases

Even if training a cat is not easy, you can still teach the velvet paws a few rules. For example, if your cat simply cannot part with one or the other corner of the house as a place of activity and avoids the litter box, aromatic substances can help.

The trick: Cats don’t like fruit acids. So just put some citrus oil on the spot that the cat has chosen. Other places, such as dining tables or sideboards, which should not be visited by the house tiger, can be protected with citric acid. On the other hand, there are also aromatic substances that have a calming effect on nervous cats and increase their well-being.

But only use natural flavorings without chemical substances – these could be harmful to the house cat. If you diffuse the aromatic substances in the form of burning scented oil, then never leave your cat alone with it.

Tip: How Cat Training Works

Cats sense mood swings in their owners immediately. Always remain calm when training a cat, even if you are really angry with your darling. Only if your cat trusts you, she may follow your instructions. Of course, you should never hit or cage a cat.

A firm and firm “ No !” works in most cases with a little practice. If your cat is going to climb on tables or shelves, just lift them down as many times as they want. But you have to be consistent: don’t allow something one day that you want to forbid the next.

If your cat doesn’t listen to you despite all the practice, you have to reach further into the bag of tricks. Tip: If your rebellious house cat is fooling around again and you catch him, try a water gun! Of course, only with a light jet of water and you should not aim at the head. Your cat will be a little confused but will break the bad habit quickly.

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