Carrot: What You Should Know

The carrot is a vegetable from which we eat the root. It is therefore called a root vegetable. It is bred from the wild carrot, which is the wild kind that occurs in nature. Carrots are also called carrots, carrots, or turnips. In Switzerland, they are called Rüebli.

If the seeds of the carrot lie in fertile soil, a root will grow from them below. It keeps getting longer and thicker. Their color is orange, yellow, or white, depending on the variety. Stems and narrow leaves grow above the ground, which we call herbs. Carrots are usually sown in spring and harvested in summer or autumn.

If you don’t harvest the carrot, it will survive the winter. The herb dies off to a large extent but grows back all the more strongly. Then flowers grow from the herb. When an insect fertilizes them, they develop into seeds. They survive the winter on earth and sprout the following spring.

So it always takes two years to have fresh carrots, provided you leave some in the ground. Skilled gardeners ensure that seeds and carrots grow every year. Hobby gardeners usually buy seeds in the nursery or in the supermarket.

Carrots are very popular with us. You can eat them raw as a snack. They are eaten raw and cooked in salads. As cooked vegetables, they go well with many meals. Orange carrots also bring a lot of color to the plate. Some people enjoy juice made from raw carrots.

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