Cactus: What You Should Know

A cactus is a plant. Most cacti are shrubs that love drought. There are over a thousand species that can look very different.

Originally these plants come from America. There they are not only found in deserts: Some cacti can also survive in southern Canada, where the climate is similar to that in Europe. Other cacti live on trees in the rainforest of South America: It rains a lot there in the rainforest, but the water flows down the trees quickly. So it usually feels dry for the cacti.

In the meantime, people have brought cacti to other parts of the world as well. Many people like to keep them in the garden or in the apartment: they need sun and little water. You can’t do too much wrong there.

Cacti are known for their thorns. These are stunted leaves. Such thorns are good for the cactus so that animals cannot easily eat them. In addition, the cactus has a thick skin so that the water in it does not evaporate.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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