Blueberry: What You Should Know

The blueberry is a sweet fruit that grows in the forest or in the Alps. It is also called blueberry because of its color. It occurs mainly in Europe and Asia. There it grows on bushes. The time when you can pick blueberries lasts from June to August.

It is said that blueberries strengthen the immune system. Many delicious dishes can be prepared from it. They can be boiled to make jam. Fruit juice and ice cream can also be made from blueberries. A popular dessert is a blueberry pie with sprinkles. In the USA one knows above all “Blueberry Muffins”.

Eating a blueberry turns your lips and tongue blue. This is not the case with the blueberries that you can buy in plastic trays in the supermarket. These are mostly cultivated blueberries that do not have the necessary coloring. They are called “cultured blueberries”.

Anyone who goes to pick blueberries in the forest should not eat them immediately. You should wash them very well beforehand or even boil them. Wild blueberries can contain fox tapeworms. These parasites, carried by foxes, can cause a variety of diseases.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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