Blackbird: What You Should Know

The blackbird is a songbird. They are also called blackbirds. In Europe it is one of the best-known birds. In Germany, it is the most common bird species.

A full-grown male blackbird can be recognized by its deep black plumage. Beak and eye rings are bright yellow. It is 25 centimeters tall. The smaller blackbird females and the young birds, on the other hand, are mostly dark brown in colour.

More than a hundred years ago, the blackbird was still a shy forest bird. In the meantime she has become more and more used to people. You can find them in almost every garden or park.

Some blackbirds are migratory, moving to warmer areas in winter, while others stay in one place year-round. In Central Europe, about a quarter of all blackbirds migrate south. In colder areas such as Finland, nine out of ten birds migrate to southern France or northern Africa.

How do blackbirds live?

In spring, you can hear their melodious singing, especially in the early morning and evening. They often sit at the top of a bush or tree, or on a roof.

At this time, blackbirds can also be seen searching for food. She hops forward in small leaps under fallen leaves and on lawns. If she has discovered something, she keeps still with her head tilted and listens for soil animals. It feeds on insects, larvae, worms, seeds and berries.

How do blackbirds reproduce?

Blackbirds often breed three times a year. They mainly nest in trees and shrubs or in plants that climb up the walls of houses. They lay three to five eggs, which the female blackbird hatches alone. It only flies away to look for food. During this time, the male does not sit on the eggs, but stands on the edge of the nest. When danger threatens, it defends the eggs with a loud chirp.

After about two weeks, the chicks hatch. You are then still naked and blind. The blackbird parents often fly all day to feed their offspring. In between, the chicks sometimes stay alone, without parents.

Two weeks after birth, the young birds fly out of the nest. However, they can then fly so badly that they land on the ground straight away. The parents then try to keep them together and defend themselves against predators such as cats and magpies. Therefore, the bird families hide during this time and are difficult to spot. They continue to be fed by the blackbird parents. Despite the protection and hiding, most juveniles are eaten during this time. When they are about three to five weeks old, they can fly on their own.

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