Bearded Collie – Playful Bundle of Energy with a Fluffy Coat

The Bearded Collie is one of the most active dogs of all: the more exercise and activity your lush-coated four-legged friend has, the better. Following his original herding instinct, he still loves to keep his pack together and is the perfect family dog: adventurous, playful, affectionate, and loyal.

Reliable Shepherd Dog from the Highlands of Scotland

Bearded is descended from the traditional herding dogs of Scotland: in the Scottish highlands, furry four-legged friends have guarded flocks of sheep for centuries. The Bearded Collies was first mentioned in writing in an 1895 dog encyclopedia. Even before the First World War, it was also seen at exhibitions. We owe the Bearded Collies as we know it today to Scottish dog lover G. Olive Willison, who began breeding these cheerful dogs after World War II. The Bearded Collie was internationally recognized as a breed in 1967.

Bearded Collie Personality

Bearded is always in need of action. That is why it is best suited for athletic and adventurous people. An energetic four-legged friend with fluffy fur is curious, attentive, smart, and just needs a job. As a family dog, he is affectionate, playful, and a loyal friend to children. A living bunch of energy needs close contact with its guardians. He feels most comfortable when all his “herd” is together.

Education & Maintenance of a Bearded Collie

The Bearded Collie wants to please his master and please him. However, he has his own opinion, and he tries to implement it from time to time. With a consistent and loving upbringing, Ji ​​makes him a reliable and obedient companion. Enough activity is important for this noisy dog’s well-being: in addition to long walks and long games, you can challenge the Bearded by doing dog sports or simple dog tricks. Sports such as dog agility, dog dancing, or dog frisbee are suitable. unwanted behavior. The ideal environment for a Bearded Collie is a country house with plenty of space. If you want to keep him in the city, you should spend at least two hours a day in nature with him. Because of their empathy and good nature, dogs of this breed are also trained to be therapy dogs.

Bearded Collie Care

You should brush the thick, lush coat regularly, preferably several times a week. However, despite its density, it does not tend to tangle.

Features of the Bearded Collie

Like many dog ​​breeds, the Bearded is also an over-breeder. Outbred dogs have coats that are too long, causing the body to completely disappear, and are nervous by nature. When looking for a Bearded puppy be sure to go to a reputable and responsible breeder who breeds standard Bearded Collies.

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