Bernedoodle – Cross Between a Playful Poodle & Bernese Mountain Dog

Are you looking for a well-balanced family dog, intelligent and playful, as well as loving and fun? Then Bernedoodle is a good choice. The Poodle-Bernese Mountain Dog mix combines the character of both dog breeds. The Poodle-Bernese Mountain Dog mix is still a young breed of dog and offers you some features.

Smart Designer Dog or Hybrid Dog with Heart

Bernedoodles are so-called designer dogs or hybrid dogs. This means that breeders deliberately crossbreed two purebred dogs with each other in order to combine the positive characteristics of both breeds. In the case of the Bernedoodle, these are the Bernese Mountain Dog and the Poodle.

The ideal Bernedoodle is a balanced mix of both dog breeds and has the following characteristics:

  • fluffy, soft fur
  • muscular, lean physique
  • typical Bernese climbers hanging ears

In some matings, hybrid dogs appear in the typical Bernese Mountain Dog tricolor. For others, Poodle coat colors such as black, grey, brown, or white stand out.

In addition to this optimal appearance, the mood of nature also plays an important role in Bernedoodle. From time to time, breeders receive litters that are very similar to a Poodle and have little to do with the Bernese Mountain Dog.

Conversely, there are hybrid dogs that look like the Bernese Mountain Dog at first glance and bear very little resemblance to the Poodle. As a result, this designer dog is visually quite versatile and always something special.

Bernedoodle – Size

You can get Bernedoodles in different sizes, depending on the type of Poodle that the Bernese Mountain Dog was crossed with.

If the combination consists of a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Standard or Royal Poodle, the Bernedoodle is 58 to 70 centimeters tall when mature.

When breeders crossbreed standard Bernese Mountain Dogs with miniature Poodles, an adult Bernedoodle reaches a size of 45 to 55 centimeters.

Even smaller Bernedoodles with a shoulder height of 30 to 43 centimeters are obtained by crossing Bernese Mountain Dog and Toy Poodles.

Bernedoodle Personality

The nature of the Burnedoodle is also highly dependent on which of the two parent breeds is more dominant. When the mix is ​​balanced, you will end up with a friendly, outgoing dog that is just as playful and intelligent as a Poodle. At the same time, due to the proportions of the Bernese Mountain Dog, he is more calm and relaxed than the purebred Poodle.

If the Poodle temperament is more pronounced in dogs, your Burnedoodle may have a heightened hunting instinct or the lively, energetic nature of this curly dog ​​breed. On the other hand, if the Bernese Mountain Dog is the dominant part, the hybrid dog is more calm and affectionate, slightly less playful, and extremely relaxed.
Both breeds really love being outdoors. With Bernedoodle you have the right outdoor companion. This breed is also good as a family dog.

Attitude & Concern

The coat of the Bernedoodle has the characteristics of the topcoat of a Poodle with its soft curly coat. This coat does not shed and causes fewer allergies than smooth-haired breeds. Therefore, these hybrid dogs are well recommended for allergy sufferers.

Since the fur stays on the body, you should trim your Bernedoodle regularly every three months or take it to a groomer for grooming or it tends to tangle.

Also, a dog’s drooping ears require some attention. You should clean them regularly and, if necessary, remove hair from them to prevent ear infections. Consult your veterinarian for advice and suitable care products.

Buying Bernedoodle Puppies – Be Careful

Since Bernedoodles are designer dogs, there are no FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale) recognized breeders for this breed. This removes control from the tribal association as well as certified bloodlines. Thus, when evaluating your breeder, you are largely dependent on yourself. However, to find a reputable one, be careful when buying a Bernedoodle puppy.

  1. health status of parents
  2. the attitude of dogs to the breeder,
  3. the behavior and health of the puppies, and
  4. the impression the breeder makes on you.

A good Bernedoodle breeder will have experience with the breed and will be happy to advise you on puppy selection, personality traits, and training.

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