Beach: What You Should Know

On the coast of a sea or on a shore one often finds a flat strip, the beach. The beach consists of small rocks, pebbles, or sand. In between, there are often mussels or algae.

Some beaches are still as nature shaped them. On other beaches, people have set up things that many vacationers like: a path for walking, beach chairs, showers, shops, and more. On some coasts, extra sand has been piled up that wasn’t there before. Elsewhere, the waves wash away the beach, and new earth or sand is poured in there. That way you don’t lose too much beach.

Many animals and plants also like the beach. Animals on the beach include seagulls and crabs. Seals give birth to their young on the beach. The sea holly likes to take root in dunes and can also tolerate salt water.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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