Affenpinscher Dog Breed Info

This breed, which despite its small size can be very energetic and aggressive towards strangers, derives its name from its distinctive appearance. It is one of the oldest dog breeds in Germany.

His name says it all; this funny little short-nosed dog is an old Pied Piper breed.

Although he is one of the small dogs in terms of size, he has a terrier character – extremely idiosyncratic and curious. He wants to dominate every situation and use it to his advantage.

Affenpinscher – breed portrait

This little mustachioed devil is descended from the many little terriers that lived in stables and shops across Europe, ridding them of rats and mice. This breed combines clown-like charm with a bold personality, and its creative thought process never fails to amaze and entertain its people.

He learns quickly, easily adapts to changes, and is always ready for a new adventure. People who own an Affenpinscher admire their sensitivity and gentleness, but caution that they are the epitome of a big dog in a small body. The Affenpinscher is an excellent guard dog that fears nothing. He’s not usually loud unless he’s on alert. Once he’s on alert, it takes a while for him to calm down.

He takes his duty of guarding his home, family, and territory very seriously, and he will not hesitate to alert the entire neighborhood that someone is approaching the front door. Getting used to and socializing with other people and animals is very important for an Affenpinscher to grow into a well-balanced dog. Without good socialization, he will never live up to his potential.

This dog is known for having a mind of its own and a stubborn nature, and for this reason, requires early and consistent training. Luckily, this dog is very inquisitive and wants to please its owner when rewarded with positive reinforcement techniques like praise, play, and food. His conversational skills make him a wonderful therapy dog.


A dog with a square build and a rounded head. Its not too long snout ends in a black nose mirror. The eyes are dark and round. Ears can be erect (erect or curled) or cropped.

Its coat consists of hard, dense hairs, preferably black in color. The tail, set high and carried high, is docked on the third caudal vertebra.


During the change of hair, numerous hairs fall out and the animal then needs a diet rich in vitamins and salt. If necessary, you can have the coat groomed in a dog grooming salon (but you can also learn how to do it yourself.) It should not be clipped, as the hair quality would suffer for years. Otherwise, one should take care of those hairs that can irritate the eyeballs.


Affenpinschers have a very likable, loyal, and affectionate character, but can also be very stubborn. Most of the time they are very dutiful and devoted, other times they get angry and don’t want to obey.


Affenpinschers learn commands quickly. They should always be pronounced consistently and clearly. Keep exercises varied.

Area of ​​life

A dog that is both suitable for an apartment and guards the house well.


Affenpinschers get along very well with children as well as with conspecifics and other pets. If you get an unexpected (for the dog) visitor, the Affenpinscher usually makes a somewhat insecure impression.


Dogs of this breed are happy if they are walked three times a day. They become really happy if you also play with them from time to time.


While this breed originated in Germany, its origins likely trace back to the Brussels Griffon. The dog portrayed by Jan van Eyck in the painting “The Amolfine Wedding” is probably an Affenpinscher.

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