Kromfohrlander: Dog Breed Info & Facts

Country of origin: Germany
Shoulder height: 38 – 46 cm
Weight: 9 – 16 kg
Age: 14 – 15 years
Colour: white with light brown, red to dark brown spots
Use: Companion dog, companion dog

The Kromfohrlander is a medium-sized, lively, and intelligent dog that bonds closely to its caregivers. A Kromfohrlander is considered to be easy to train – provided that its terrier temperament and its joy of movement are not underestimated.

Origin and history

The  Kromfohrlander is a relatively young German dog breed that was bred after World War II from the smooth-haired Fox terrier and a mixed breed of uncertain origin. The name comes from the sphere of activity of the first breeder, the “Krom Fohr”, an area in North Rhine-Westphalia. The breed was internationally recognized in 1955.


The Kromfohrlander is a medium-sized dog with high-set, triangular-tipped ears, slightly slanted brown eyes, and a medium-length saber-shaped tail. It is bred in two varieties, Wire-Haired and Smooth-Haired Kromfohrlander. Both have medium-length (about 7 cm long) hair on the back and slightly shorter (about 3 cm long) hair on the sides. Wire-haired cats have a rough, dense texture on top of the coat and form a distinct beard and bushy eyebrows on the snout. Both wire-haired and smooth-haired have a dense, soft undercoat.

The basic color of the coat of the Kromfohrlander is white, in addition, there are light brown, red to dark brown markings in the form of patches of different sizes or as saddles. The head and ears are also typically (red)brown with a white blaze or mask.


The Kromfohrlander is a confident, lively, and happy dog. It is reserved and alert towards strangers – it also likes to bark – but is neither fearful nor aggressive. Proximity to the caregiver, with whom it forms a close bond, is particularly important to the Kromfohrlander. Its hunting instinct is not very pronounced, so it does not tend to stray.

The Kromfohrlander is an uncomplicated, adaptable companion dog that is also easy to train with loving consistency. Even beginners get along well with this breed. However, its terrier temperament should not be underestimated. As a children’s dog, he is only suitable to a limited extent, since he does not put up with everything. However, it suits children who have already learned to deal with dogs and to respect them.

The Kromfohrlander also needs a lot of exercise and employment. The lively dog ​​is therefore not suitable for people who are too lazy. It is more suitable for people who are active themselves and like to do something with their dog. The nimble and intelligent Kromi can also be enthusiastic about dog sports activities – especially agility. The coat is relatively easy to care for with smooth hair as well as with rough hair.

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