Peruvian Inca Orchid – Dog Breed Info

Country of origin: Peru
Shoulder height: small (up to 40 cm), medium (up to 50 cm), large (up to 65 cm)
Weight: small (up to 8 kg), medium (up to 12 kg), large (up to 25 kg)
Age: 12 – 13 years
Color: black, gray, brown, blond also spotted
Use: Companion dog

The Peruvian Inca Orchid comes from Peru and is one of the original types of dog breeds. The dogs are attentive, intelligent, self-confident, and well-tolerated. They are relatively easy to train and bond closely with their owners. Due to the lack of hair, it is very easy to care for and also well suited as an apartment dog or companion dog for allergy sufferers. The three-size classes offer something for everyone.

Origin and history

The origin of the Peruvian Inca Orchid is largely unknown. However, depictions of hairless dogs on archaeological finds in Peru indicate that the breed existed in South America more than 2000 years ago. How and with which immigrants they got there or whether it is a hairless form of old native dogs is uncertain.


In appearance, the Peruvian Inca Orchid is an elegant, slender dog whose appearance – not dissimilar to a sighthound – expresses speed, strength, and harmony.

The special thing about the breed: it is hairless all over the body. There are only a few remnants of hair on the head, tail, or paws. The breed’s lack of fur resulted from a spontaneous mutation which, in the course of evolution, has not given the hairless dogs any disadvantages, but possibly even advantages (eg lower susceptibility to parasites) compared to their hairy relatives.

The almost always incomplete set of teeth is also noticeable in the case of the Peruvian Inca Orchid dog. Often some or all of the molars are missing, while the canines are normally developed.

The dog breed is bred in three size classes: The small Peruvian Inca Orchid dog has a shoulder height of 25 – 40 cm and weighs between 4 and 8 kg. The medium-sized dog is 40-50 cm high and weighs between 8-12 kg. The large Peruvian Inca Orchid dog reaches a shoulder height of up to 65 cm (for males) and a weight of up to 25 kg.

The hair color or skin color can vary between black, any shade of gray, and dark brown to light blonde. All of these colors can appear solid or with pink patches.


The Peruvian Inca Orchid adapts well to all living conditions. It is very sociable, bright, eager to run, and affectionate in the family. It tends to be suspicious and wary of strangers. It is considered not very demanding, uncomplicated, and easy to educate. As an apartment dog, it is very well suited – with enough exercise – due to the easy care.

The Peruvian Inca Orchid is the ideal companion for people with dog allergies or those with disabilities who may have a problem grooming or keeping a dog clean. It loves any kind of activity and likes to run, but it is surprisingly hardy and can endure bad weather and cold as long as it moves.

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