19+ Corgi Mixes You Didn’t Know Existed

Corgis are cute pets that have won the love of both the Queen of England and the whole of Instagram for a long time. These short-legged dogs are actually very agile, energetic, and tireless. You will appreciate not only their appearance but also their cheerful, playful disposition. Corgis are loving and loyal family dogs whose popularity is well deserved!

In addition to the “originals”, the “mixes” of corgi with representatives of other breeds are very interesting. We have selected 20 of the most incredible mestizos for you.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

Hello, I'm Mary! I've cared for many pet species including dogs, cats, guinea pigs, fish, and bearded dragons. I also have ten pets of my own currently. I've written many topics in this space including how-tos, informational articles, care guides, breed guides, and more.

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