17 Things You’ll Only Understand If You Have a St Bernard

Friendly, loyal, full of love, St. Bernards simply adore people! These are common qualities for all St. Bernards, although individual dogs, of course, can be very different in character: from quiet and calm to mischievous, even sassy. St. Bernard’s desire to please the owner makes the training process simple and enjoyable at any age. Born defenders, St. Bernards will always instinctively guard the entire family and its property and bark at strangers. But at the same time, this dog does not allow himself to behave aggressively. For good and proper contact with St. Bernard, it is necessary to start raising and training him earlier. St. Bernard has a very developed intelligence. They perfectly understand the owner, his desires and mood, and can be an excellent helper for a person with disabilities. St. Bernard can be taught not only simple, but also complex difficult commands – perhaps not immediately, but he will remember them and will try to help his master as well as possible. Browse the list below and find your typical St. Bernard here.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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