16 Things You’ll Only Understand If You Have an Anatolian Shepherd

Power, strength, excellent physical data, that is what these animals are inherent in. By virtue of their characteristics, they are natural-born guards. A friendly and sociable Anatolian Shepherd is not characterized by aggression. In relation to strangers, he behaves quite cautiously, but he will never attack a person. Dogs make great contact with children and also play with them with great pleasure. Devotion to its owner and the willingness to protect him are the main advantages of the dog. Also, quick wits and liveliness are inherent in these animals. If you are an active and athletic person, then this dog is perfect for you. Such qualities as decisiveness, perseverance, temperament the dog can be an excellent guard for your family and home.  There are so, so many reasons that Anatolian Shepherds are the best breed EVER, it’s going to be tough to fit them all in here but we’ll give it a go!😉😃😆

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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