14+ Things Only Anatolian Shepherd Owners Will Understand

In the role of a shepherd dog-watchman, the Anatolian Karabash has no equal. She has a very stable psyche, she rarely barks and only when necessary. He prefers to be on a hill and watch everything that happens around him. The breed lends itself well to training, gets along well with farm animals. Such a dog does not need to build a special enclosure, but it needs a lot of walking space.

The history of the origin of this breed is still evident today: the dog instinctively guards its territory, it is independent and very intelligent. Due to the strong sentinel instinct, early and later regular socialization, as well as patient training, is extremely important. The dog must be kept in a closed area, preferably behind a high double fence, in order to exclude the possibility of escape.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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