15+ Undeniable Truths Only Irish Wolfhound Pup Parents Understand

The Irish wolfhound is not the best friend for domestic cats and other small animals. A rare dog is able to suppress the hunting instinct and calmly walk past a cat sprawled on a pillow. Most often, the residence of a dog and a cat in the same territory ends with the death of one of them (guess who).

#1 At one glance at the Irish wolfhound, it begins to seem that this is a typical tough nut to get along with.

#2 In reality, everything is exactly the opposite: any average “Irishman” is madly attached to the owner.

#3 The dog does not cringe and does not humiliate himself, but this does not prevent the animal from cherishing communication with the person who took him to his home.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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