15+ Undeniable Truths Only Cairn Terrier Pup Parents Understand

The Cairn Terrier is a professional hunter in the past, but in the present, he is a compact, shaggy, merry fellow and a tireless athlete who loves outdoor games. Like all representatives of the terrier group, Kern is overly curious and fantastically passionate when it comes to looking for anything, but at the same time incredibly friendly and sociable. If you want to really make friends with the breed, make it your regular companion. It is difficult to find a happier and more contented creature than the Cairn Terrier, who can accompany the owner on a bike ride, on a mushroom hike, or during a leisurely promenade along the city streets on an equal footing.

#1 The Cairn Terrier is an owner and a creepy curmudgeon who does not recognize the concept of “common property”.

#2 He will happily play catch-up with children, willingly chase the ball and bring it, but to any encroachment on personal things (toy, bone) he will answer with a convincing “Woof!” or a warning grunt

#3 At the same time, in other everyday situations, the breed demonstrates quite peaceful behavior.

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