15+ Undeniable Truths Only English Mastiff Pup Parents Understand

The English Mastiff is an emigrant from Foggy Albion and a representative of one of the oldest dog breeds. This powerful defender is famous for his brave heart and unshakable self-confidence – he inherited such valuable qualities from his distant ancestors. The history of the English Mastiff is multifaceted, like the breed itself. There were cruel moments and favorable events, bloody wars and peacetime, royal life and wanderings worthy of the poor … Despite the ambiguous fate, the mastiffs managed to preserve age-old wisdom and steel endurance. It’s hard not to pay attention to these impressive and powerful dogs!

#1 The affection of mastiffs can be aggravating (in the literal sense): these dogs love strong hugs, therefore, at the slightest opportunity, they will jump on their knees to the owner.

#2 Considering the weight of the animal, it is worth forgetting about strength training in the gym: it is enough to “nurse” a pet weighing 70 kg!

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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