15 Things You’ll Only Understand If You Have a Shar Pei

A real intelligent dog with a developed intuition, the Shar-Pei stands out among other breeds for his obedience, although the Shar-Pei will demonstrate obedience only when the owner of this dog does a lot of laborious work on its upbringing and training. It is difficult to train a Shar-Pei, with some effort you can achieve good results. Being a working dog in their homeland, Shar Pei did not lose these qualities, using the slightest opportunity to approve of the owner’s love. Shar-Pei is a balanced dog, calm and friendly, although, if necessary, it can stand up for itself and its owner. Unprovoked aggression is not typical for Shar-Pei. Proud and independent Shar Pei look very touching when playing with children. The dog is always inferior in the fight to the child, forgiving the child any liberties, never grinning or snarling. But if it is completely unbearable to endure the sometimes rather cruel childish “caresses”, the Shar-Pei will proudly leave or hide offendedly, and will do it in such a way that even a child understands: he is offended and does not intend to play any more. Today we want to please you with funny pictures with Shar-Peis. They are the cutest dogs. And today we will show you that.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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