15+ Facts About Raising and Training Poodles

These dogs are suitable for families with children, single people of any age, as a first pet. If you lead an active lifestyle, the poodle is ready to run, play with you all day long. He is not characterized by arrogance, pride, like Alabai and Dogs. He is completely human-oriented, depends on him, loves attention, and does not tolerate loneliness. It is not difficult to train a poodle dog – you just need to love it, understand its character, and take some time for education.


#1 As soon as the baby appears in the house, establish norms of behavior, determine his place.

#2 After 3-5 days, your pupil will already respond to the nickname and you can proceed to teaching simple commands – “sit”, “to me”, “place”, “no”. This is the basis for further training.

#3 Do not allow to do whatever you like, otherwise the cunning dog will quickly break out of obedience.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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