15+ Facts About Raising and Training Chihuahua Dogs

Some owners who prefer a Chihuahua dog do not even think about the fact that even such a crumb should be taught manners. Chihuahua training is not something obligatory, but far from superfluous. It is clear that such a miniature dog is unlikely to cause serious harm to others, but it can spoil the nerves. Moreover, both to their owners and to outsiders.

#1 It is most reasonable to train a Chihuahua at home as soon as the dog appears in the house.

#2 Chihuahuas are dogs with high intelligence that learn on the fly, so there shouldn’t be any special problems.

#3 The very first step that will make the puppy educated is, perhaps, training the Chihuahua to the litter box.

To do this, you will have to sit the doggie in the purchased low tray every time after eating and sleeping. It is permissible to put a rag or napkin with traces of Chihuahua urine in a dog's home toilet so that the baby understands what the tray is for.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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