14+ Things Only Weimaraner Owners Will Understand

The breed has a high level of energy, which is not surprising – after all, it is a born hunter, from which the following circumstance follows. Namely – his hunting instincts and excellent sense of smell. If you go for a walk, remember that the dog will most likely try to hunt any small animals within reach. It is extremely difficult to get rid of this, and if you let her off the leash, for example, when you are on a picnic in the forest, there is a chance that the dog will simply run away for a very long walk – to look for living creatures in the thicket of the forest. And you have to look for it.

The breed has two hidden, negative, opposite traits – aggression and shyness. How it goes together is unclear, but it goes well. Socialization and, again, correct upbringing helps here. The pet needs to be introduced to other people, as well as other dogs, which is very important, and to form the correct attitude and behavior in society.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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