14+ Things Only Siberian Husky Owners Will Understand

Siberian Huskies are incredibly friendly and hardworking dogs. Previously, they were engaged in the transportation of goods during the day, and at night they warmed their owners with their warmth. Of course, now there is practically no need for such use of dogs. However, the popularity of the breed does not suffer from this.

By their nature, huskies are not prone to aggression. Therefore, they are not suitable for use as guard dogs or watchdogs. All attempts to teach them to show aggression through prolonged training can lead to the appearance of serious behavioral deviations and uncontrolled aggression on the part of the animal. Even towards strangers, Siberian huskies are usually very friendly.

But this quality makes them ideal dogs for families with children – the owner can be sure that the husky will behave patiently towards the child and will be happy to play with him as much as he wants.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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