14+ Things You’ll Only Understand If You Have a Siberian Husky

Siberian huskies are classic northern dogs. They are smart but somewhat independent and stubborn. They live comfortably in the company of a person, they need constant but careful training from childhood. These dogs are born to run, and their love of running can overwhelm their love of their owners from time to time. Siberian huskies tend to be friends with people, including children. Most Siberian Huskies get along well with other dogs, especially the ones they grew up with. Due to their strong hunting instinct, they can chase cats and livestock. Siberian Huskies can be prone to digging, especially in warm weather, because they like to arrange cool places to rest. They don’t tend to bark, but they can howl. The Siberian Husky is one of the oldest dog breeds, serving people with faith and truth for many centuries. Browse the list below and find your typical Siberian Husky here.

#1 Siberian Huskies are friendly and affectionate dogs, they have a penchant for chasing smaller animals.

#2 Your Siberian Husky isn’t predisposed to being aggressive or picking fights. He’d rather just spend time being close to you or cuddling when you sit in your chair or on the couch.

#3 They are among the most desired of the larger breeds because of their aesthetically pleasing appearance, their toughness and endurance, and for the fact that they make excellent family pets.

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