14+ Realities That New Springer Spaniel Owners Must Accept

An elegant, beautiful and large dog for its breed group, outwardly being something between a setter and a spaniel. The muzzle, characteristic of all spaniels, is of medium length, covered with short, smooth hair, with a noticeable hollow between the eyes. The ears are set low, long, but shorter than those of other spaniels. The back is straight, the legs are quite high, which is why the springer, unlike other, more stretched spaniels, is written off in a square. The tail is set high, docked by 2/3. There is the webbing between the toes, which allows the dog to swim well and move around marshlands (although it is more often used for hunting land games).

The coat is silky, wavy on the ears, of medium length (the longest on the chest, paws, and ears).

The most common color, which is the calling card of the breed, is brown-piebald with specks (especially there are a lot of them on the paws and muzzle), but all colors accepted in spaniels are acceptable.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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