14+ Pics That Show Doberman Pinschers Are The Best Dogs

The Doberman is a proud, graceful, and noble dog, distinguished by intelligence and ingenuity. It is not surprising that these dogs are called four-legged aristocrats. The breed was originally bred as a service breed, but after a while Dobermans became favorite pets for dog lovers who needed a loyal and reliable companion

Now dogs of this breed are kept mainly for the protection of private households or simply as “four-legged family members.” Dobermans are excellent bloodhounds, they have an amazingly developed flair and scent. Dogs are very smart, able to make decisions themselves. Life expectancy is up to 16 years, some individuals survived up to 21 years.

#1 If you’ve wanted to start living healthy for a long time, Doberman Pinscher can help a lot – if only because your conscience will make you get up in the morning and walk your dog, who doesn’t mind running an extra couple of hours.

And even bad weather will not be an excuse.

#3 Apart from the owner and his family members, there is no one else for Doberman Pinscher.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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