14+ Amazing Facts About Shetland Sheepdogs You Might Not Know

This breed is one of the most friendly and companionable, its representatives easily get along with all family members and become universal favorites due to their sociable and cheerful disposition. Shelties are completely non-aggressive, they easily grasp the rules of the game and the routine of life in the family. During training, they look into the eyes with interest and catch every word.

#1 The small, active Shetland Sheepdog (nicknamed the Sheltie) was once a Scottish farmer’s best friend

#2 Sounding the alarm when anyone approached the property, barking at birds and other animals to shoo them from the garden, and later, with crosses to Scottish herding dogs, keeping the sheep flocks in line.

#3 While at first glance they look like a smaller version of the Rough Collie, the two are distinctly different breeds.

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