14+ Amazing Facts About Samoyeds You Might Not Know

Samoyed is a dog breed that has gained popularity around the world for its attractive appearance and good-natured nature. The snow-white fluffy dog is distinguished by high ingenuity and a complete lack of aggression. She is a loyal companion, caring nanny and loyal friend. Samoyeds can be kept in a private house or city apartment. But before you start a puppy, you need to study the description of the breed, the advantages and disadvantages, reviews of the owners.

#1 Samoyeds come from Siberia, where they were an important part of daily life with the nomadic Samoyedic people indigenous to Siberia.

#2 The dogs worked in sleds, kept their Samoyedic owners warm, and primarily herded reindeer.

#3 Herding instincts remain intact in modern Samoyeds, and they are often seen to “herd” children in their families.

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