14+ Amazing Facts About Old English Sheepdogs You Might Not Know

The Bobtail is a fun, outgoing, and popular family companion. These dogs, as a rule, have a wonderful temperament, but sometimes they get very aroused during the game. Therefore, you should be careful with them in homes with small children. They will enthusiastically participate in all kinds of activities. They are fearless and make excellent guard dogs, especially given their sonorous barking. Early training is a prerequisite for curbing the mischievous behavior of this breed.

#1 The Old English Sheepdog, sometimes called the “Bobtail,” is a shaggy, goofy dog. Known for their profuse coats, these beautiful dogs have an undeniable appeal — it’s something to do with their rustic looks and gentle demeanor.

#2 Despite being called “sheepdogs,” this breed never really dealt with sheep. Instead, it was their duty to herd cattle.

#3 They are also not that old or very English. The Old English Sheepdog was bred about 300 years ago, and contains Russian, European, and British blood.

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