12+ Amazing Facts About Border Terriers You Might Not Know

Excellent sense of smell, dexterous and quick movement, excellent vision – these are not all the advantages of the Border Terrier. These dogs have good character traits: they are intelligent, very affectionate, and friendly. They do not have aggression towards people, so such terriers are highly valued as companions. Border Terrier knows how to cheer up, can keep the company in any undertaking.

#1 Not every Border Terrier is suitable for hunting. Even with good instinct, keen eyesight, and hearing, a dog can be useless.

#2 In the Middle Ages, the suitability of these dogs was checked simply: the body of an animal fits in the palm of a man. If the dog is bigger, then he could just get stuck in the hole of a wild animal.

Today judges use this technique at exhibitions of this breed of dogs.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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