16 Amazing Facts About Rat Terriers You Might Not Know

One of the most popular farm dogs in the United States, the Rat Terrier demonstrates many useful qualities off the farm as well. It shares its origin story with the American Feist and is also used as an assistance, therapy, and police dog in its homeland. What he lacks in size, he makes up for in his duties with great talent.

Buying Rat Terrier puppies should only be considered from a reputable breeder who puts the welfare of the animals first.

You can recognize a reputable breeder by the fact that he takes a lot of time for you and your questions and also wants to get to know you and your life situation better.

He should also be willing to give you an insight into the living conditions of the puppies. Take a close look at what it looks like where the dogs live. In addition, the puppies and the two parents should make a healthy, agile, and happy impression.

#1 While the Rat Terrier was originally bred to catch rats on American farms, it now has a new role: that of loving family pet.

#2 And he masters this task with flying colours, as he is a dear and tireless playmate, especially for children.

#3 The fur nose is well suited as a companion dog because it forms a close bond with its human family.

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