12+ Historical Facts About Border Terriers You Might Not Know

All Borders have the same “roots” originating from old terriers bred in the past in the border areas of England and Scotland. The old terriers of the border regions were bred by wandering people – tinkers, pottery merchants, gypsies. By the nature of their activities, they traveled on both sides of the Anglo-Scottish border.

#1 The homeland of the Border Terrier breed is the region between England and Scotland, known as the Cheviot Hills.

#2 For origin from the border areas of Northumberland County (border with Scotland) dogs and were named border, which means “border”.

#3 This breed was created as a hunting breed, specializing in foxes, martens, badgers, otters, hares and small rodents – animals that ruined farms, and so suffered from an unfortunate location in the poor wastelands of Cheviot Hills.

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