10 Reasons Why Dogs Love Christmas Too

For many, Christmas is a special holiday. And for the dogs? At least the same! The reasons for this are in part very similar to your own. You can read here why dogs love Christmas too.

Gifts, great food, plenty of time to laze around, and maybe a walk or two are just some of the things that make the Christmas holidays so special for many. And it’s probably no surprise that your dog loves it all, too.

Why do dogs love Christmas? Here are the ten most important reasons:


Even if this point may not be properly fulfilled this year, in a “normal year” more guests in the house means for most dogs: more attention. The more people there are, the more likely it is that one of them will pass out a few pats or perhaps even treats between them.


What would be Christmas without a festive meal? At least twice as delicious! Many people stock up on a particularly large amount of food for the holidays so that there are enough treats in the house. Oftentimes, our four-legged roommates have more opportunities to grab a bite to eat during their breaks. But be careful, some foods are toxic to dogs, such as chocolate and onions. Therefore, do not share a festive meal with your four-legged friend casually.

Gift Pack

The dogs have a lot of fun helping you pack your Christmas gifts. Especially if you let her play with an empty roll of brown paper!

Receive Gifts

Even more, of course, they love when they are presented with gifts – for example, a funny, squeaky plush toy.


In between meals, a walk in the fresh air is very good – optional if you want to escape right in front of dear relatives. Your dog is always there for you and loves to use it as an excuse: “I just need to walk the dog” – this is, ultimately, a perfectly legitimate excuse to get away from the hustle and bustle.

Dozing in Front of the TV

Active relaxation is followed by a cozy hug in front of the TV. Of course, your dog is allowed to lie down on the couch to celebrate the day so he can relax his head in your lap and nod blissfully.

Advent Calendar for Dogs

There is almost nothing among Advent calendars that don’t exist yet. So it is not surprising that even our four-legged friends are delighted with treats for 24 days. It is also a good ritual for you and your dog to open a new door every morning.

Dogs Love Decorations for Christmas

Flashing lights and colorful balls (which we call Christmas balls) mesmerize the dogs! They are especially happy when the ball lands on the ground and they can chase it. By the way, dog owners should rely on Christmas balls that don’t break so quickly, or your dog could get hurt by shrapnel.

Socks Again!

Socks again? While many find the classic Christmas gift boring, dogs are secretly enjoying Christmas. Who knows, maybe they can now officially chew on their old socks and no longer get in trouble if they steal them from the laundry basket?

Dogs Love to Walk with You on Christmas

The most important thing about Christmas is also very clear to dogs: spending time together. During the holidays, the whole flock was finally at home. Often there are no jobs or errands, so you have plenty of time for your four-legged friend – the greatest gift for him!

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Written by Mary Allen

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