10 Of The Best Australian Shepherd Dog Tattoo Designs Ever

Immigrant sheep breeders from England, Ireland, Scotland, France, and Spain took their herding dogs to the United States. With Australian sheep, bred dogs with a strong collie and dingo influence were added. Good dogs were exchanged at the cattle markets, meeting places for sheep breeders. This is how a long-haired, strong, persistent shepherd dog developed.

Western riders brought the Australian Shepherd to Europe. He is popular in equestrian circles because he easily walks next to the horse and does not tend to poach or stray and has firmly established himself as a family and sports dog.

The Aussie is spirited, persistent, people-friendly while alerting and quite defensive, patient and well-behaved with children, and sociable with pets. The easy-to-train dog learns quickly. Definitely needs exercise and employment.

Below you will find the 10 best Australian Shepherd dog tattoos:

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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