10 Australian Shepherd Dog Themed Tattoo Designs

If you have a yard, you should also have a secure fence so your Aussie cannot dig under or jump over it. Underground electronic fences are of no use to this breed: your Aussie’s desire to get outside and the guard is greater than his fear of electric shock.

For the same reason, you should walk him on a leash unless you are willing to train him not to give in to his urges.

Your Aussie needs between half an hour and an hour of stimulating activity every day, such as running, a game of Frisbee, obedience, or agility practice. When you’re not playing with your dog, puzzle toys like Buster Cube are a great way to keep his active mind busy.

Puppies do not need as much rigorous exercise as the adult dog and in fact, you should not let puppies run on hard surfaces such as concrete or make them jump a lot until at least 1 year of age. It could be too much stress for the dog’s developing skeleton and result in future joint problems.

The Aussie has a habit of pinching and chasing, which is excellent for herding sheep but bad for people and other domestic animals. Obedience classes can help curb the Aussie’s herding behavior and also meet their need for mental stimulation and work.

Aussies respond well to training methods that involve positive reinforcement – rewards such as praise, play, and food – and are usually happy to follow their trainer’s every command. They just want to know who is in control so they can do a good job for them.

Below you will find the 10 best Australian Shepherd dog tattoos:

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